"The World Is You: 
A Ballet"
CD (in progress) and singles 
Meet the Musicians

Honors our diverse talents and the tapestry of human possibility that is created by our commitment to rise above all forms of oppression and negativity with dignity. 

The theme is that each of us can and should make a unique and positive contribution to human progress. 

Click here for FREE samples of 
"The World is You: A Ballet" 

Click here for FREE samples of 
"Pangaea: Old World, New Vision" 


Song Titles from "The World Is You: A Ballet".................................... 
128 bitrate............ Under 
1 Turtle Dance (Fulu) MP3 1.31MB Song info
2 Little by Little (Loonguena - the chameleon) MP3 688 KB Song info
3 Gembon (Fruit Bats) MP3 782 KB Song info
4 You and Me Together MP3 719 KB Song info
5 Winners All MP3 626 KB Song info
6 Mbongo MP3 563 KB Song info
7 The World Is You MP3 688 KB Song info
8 Karnival MP3 876 KB Song info

Our music CD, 
Pangaea: Old World, New Visions
is NOW available at CDBaby!
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