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SeaDrift Memories


Remember when ...
... the stories and pictures your family has shared 
over the years became cherished memories?
  • A professionally creative local couple can help organize and produce an enduring, personal or family, multi-media memoir for you.
  • Please call 463-9283 for an appointment. 


SeaDrift Memories is a new service to help you immortalize the important among the dizzying images and words flowing by you.

Robert Bornn (producer and filmmaker) and Laura Worth (life coach and personal organizer) will help you create a new family heirloom.  Working creatively with you they will customize your family's story in your preferred multimedia format (a combination of images, document scans, written words, and recorded interviews for presentation on CD, DVD, videotape, audiotape, or family website). 

Robert and Laura can:

  • digitally record family interviews (facilitated by Laura Worth)
  • work with your selection of cherished pictures, family documents, movies, and audiotapes for one cohesive, enduring presentation
  • create a family web site to share pictures and stories (with such features as downloadable media, family blog, newsletter, and e-mail correspondence).
  • chronicle your family's journey through life with a vital and poignant movie that is within your budget.

about Robert and Laura ...

Robert Bornn is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. For more than four decades he has created, exhibited, and marketed a wide variety of media, including films and images beginning in 1968 when his first lyrical film, Mandarin Orange Matrix was screened at the historic Filmmakers Cinematheque in New York City.  He also developed a career in still photography, both as an independent and as an early photographer for The Image Bank.  His subject matter ranges from nature and abstracts to portraiture, dance, and glamour. In 2004 he produced the movie, Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey. It was filmed by Robert and screened at The Vashon Theatre and at Expo 2005; In 2005 he produced the movie, Here and Now: Vashon-Maury Island.  It also screened at  the Vashon Theater and at Expo 2006.   Both films are available on DVD from local merchants and at www.seadriftmedia.com.

"My goal is to help reverse the dehumanization we are seeing in mass culture by supporting people in celebrating the value of personal culture in a way that feels good.  That's the beauty of the hi-tech audio and video tools we have at our disposal today -- we can use them to create work that speaks to the heart."

                                                          Robert Bornn

Laura Worth, MSW shares her professional organizational skills to help you select your concept, story outline, focus, and content. Her broad range of life experiences and empathy give her insights for the interviews at the core of SeaDrift Memories projects.  Laura is formally trained in counseling (including interviewing skills), earning a Masters in Social Work in 1983.  For more than a decade she has offered life coaching to hundreds of clients.  Her sensitive interviewing skills will contribute to the depth and quality of her effectiveness in helping you chronicle your stories.
"I believe every person has stories to tell and every family has a "familylore" that creates family cohesiveness.  Finding and recording those special stories that get told time and time again -- so that no family gathering is complete without telling them -- that's what this service can do. People are creating that familylore right now.  We would like to help this process along with our services."
                                           Laura Worth, MSW 


Contact Information
Robert Bornn and Laura Worth
P.O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA 98070
(206) 463-4284


Copyright (c) 2005-2012 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.