MEDIA by Robert Bornn 

Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey DVD  by Robert Bornn (xylimba and standing drum) and Laura Worth (alto recorder) includes three soundtrack choices and a 3 minute commentary: 

* music and ocean sounds     * music only * ocean sounds only    * commentary 

DIAJ Music (Drummers in a Jam):

Djembe Djam - Robert's original single (two minutes, mp3, 1.5 MB, free download), inspired by West African and Congolese rhythms.

Contact Information

Robert Bornn
P.O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA  98070
(206) 463-4284


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Copyright (c) (P) 1998 - 2007 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.  All rights reserved.
Images by Robert Bornn.