Oshonia and Ocetus
Tensioned Fabric Environments
SeaDrift #1
Contemplation Environment, Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC, 1969
Contemplation Environment 
Museum of Contemporary Crafts 
New York City, 1969

Haven Multimedia Sound Studio
Haven Mixed- and Multimedia Studio
Heather Heights Meditation Island
Heather Heights Meditation Island
Performance Stage Windy Hill Crafts Fair
Windy Hill Arts Faire

Environments Series

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Environments Video Clips
Oshonia video slideshow of installation, SeaDrift Sampler, 
Mendocino Blooming, Heather Heights Meditation Island 

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  Environments Series
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These large-scale, interior or exterior installations are unique environments for contemplation, work, living, or entertainment.

More Pictures
  photo gallery
  Environments Series
  (151 K) 

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