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Painting by Eliza Thomas for DIAJ 2

Medley from The Discovery Suite by Robert Bornn 7
Here and Now: Vashon-Maury Island DVD 9


SeaDrift Media Productions
P. O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA  98070
(206) 463-4284

SeaDrift Media Productions produces and markets a variety of film and other media created by founders, Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.  Through various media our mission is to entertain while inspiring awe, curiosity, and creativity. 

SeaDrift Media Productions released Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey, the first film in its Ebb and Flow series, in May, 2004. In 2005, a second film in the series was released, Here and Now: Vashon-Maury Island. Sound tracks to both movies are also available.  SMP also markets Pangaea: Old World, New Visions, by DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam), featuring Ma Boukaka, Robert Bornn, and Laura Worth. 

The focus of the Ebb and Flow series is to provide a positive experience of natural wonders with neither cloying "Disney-ism" nor unrelenting cynicism.  Our films will offer fresh, artistic alternatives to the gratuitous violence seen in typical "savage nature" documentaries and other films. 

SMP's products include: 

  • films on DVD and available for digital download, 
  • albums and singles on CDs and as digital downloads, 
  • photographic images.
SMP also sponsors live performances, events, and classes in the arts as Vashon Creatively, including:
  • music and rhythm circles with SoundMoments Duo

  • Robert and Laura also play with Tribal Voices 
  • African-inspired music and "fusion dance" performance art
  • digital filmmaking classes
  • digital editing classes and mentoring
  • acting and improv fun.
SMP sponsors SeaDrift Memories to create customized, digital family heirlooms.

For free updates about our new releases, classes, and services, please send an email to laura@seadriftmedia.com with "I subscribe" in the subject line. 

Copyright ©  2007 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth. All rights reserved.

Photos 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 by R. Bornn. Images 3 and 4 by J. Fisher.  Image 6 by S. Marthe.  Painting 2 by Painting by Eliza Thomas for DIAJ.


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