Our Love
(Our Love music video on CD-R)
by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

For your peaceful relaxation, this is a non-violent nature story with 
sweet melodies and hypnotic rhythms. 

Includes original, evocative, African-inspired music by Robert Bornn
on Xylimba and drums) and Laura Worth on alto recorder). 

Six instrumental duets celebrate the lyrical, spiritual, and sensuous 
sides of nature on the Northern California Coast. 

This 18-minute music video includes:

1. Homeward Bound (1:38)  The seabirds head for home.
2. My Heart (0:48) Nature weaves the smallest things into beauty.
3. Passion (6:35) Great waves and the ebb and flow of the tides. 
4. Pas de Deux  (4:02)  The dance of sunlight, waves, and birds in flight.
5. Courage  (3:38)  The seabirds return and skim the waves.
6. Our Love  (1:00)  Two seabirds unite and fly into the future. 

Our Love music video is newly available on CD-R.
The limited edition also includes:

    1. The Art of Robert Bornn (his mixed media/multimedia 
    local web site plus still images and video clips). 

    2. A separate 18-minute music track to Our Love (CD sound quality).

    3. A two minute original single, Djembe Djam (CD sound quality).

The music video is in mpg format for PCs.  Recommend
Windows 98 or higher.  Music recorded at Haven Media Studio, 
(Menlo Park, CA).  Images from the Northern California 
Coast.  Editing and production at the Triple H Media Studio
(Mendocino, CA) and Seadrift Media Studio (Caspar, CA) by 
Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.


Our Love (click for photo enlargement)

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1.  ORDER this CD-R
(includes complete 18-minute
Our Love music video 
with CD sound quality, 
The Art of Robert Bornn
and CD quality music).

2.  FREE download
of one-minute mpg excerpt 
from Our Love music video (20 MB)

3.  FREE download
of the 18-minute music track
(mp3 sound quality)
from Our Love (17 MB)

4. FREE download
of the two-minute original single
(mp3 sound quality),
Djembe Djam (1.5 MB)

Copyright © (P) 2003 by
Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.
All rights reserved.


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Copyright © 2003 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth. All rights reserved.
Photos by Robert Bornn.

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